My 5 Step Health Plan

Updated: Jan 19

Here's what I did different and had my BIGGEST WEIGHT LOSS WEEK EVER!

This past week could have gone much different! I hurt my knee again and couldn't put weight on it for a few days.

In the past, I would get consumed with frustration and assume that surgery would be my next step.

I am on a keto and intermittent fasting mission to get my health back. When working out had to change right when it started, it could have derailed my whole plan.

My focus was on healing and staying positive.

I crutched myself on over to the computer and played the Ho'oponopono Prayer on repeat as I did reiki for my knee. My focus staying only on the lesson that I needed to learn from this new injury. The lesson to let go of frustration in order to heal. I started my new health plan last Sunday and even with very little working out, I am on track to have a great weight loss week and I now have NO KNEE PAIN and NO CRUTCHES!

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