Spreading Kindness Necklace Project


"Its purpose is to travel and put a smile on your face.

Log into Instagram to track its trace.

Wear it for a while, let it fill you with light,

but please pass it on whenever it feels right!

Each one uniquely numbered,

and has its own way,

Please keep it going and brighten someone’s day."


I have been thinking about starting this project for a long time. I'm so glad you are here to be a part of it. Thank you! My goal is to get as many necklaces in circulation as possible.  You can get one here. You can follow on Instagram and I will update the maps below as they travel. 


If you have received a necklace, please search for the corresponding number located on your necklace and match it to the Instagram post below. Each necklace has it's own Instagram post, just add a comment under your number with a little note about where you got it and where you are located. Thank you for participating the Spreading Kindness Necklace Project!


Blessings to you and your journey of kindness. ~Angie